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Das Journal of Building Automation fokussiert den nordamerikanischen Markt. Leser sind Planer, Integratoren und Anwender des BACnet Standards. Es erscheint zweimal jährlich in englischer Sprache. Die aktuellen Ausgaben finden Sie auf der 

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BACnet International Journal 04 - 01/12

Main topics include:

  • Crate & Barrel – Streets of Southpoint
  • Energy-savings with BACnet – A Perfect Fit
  • Conformance Testing of BACnet Products
  • The Wireless Standard is Officially Here!

BACnet International Journal 03 - 10/11

Main topics include:

  • Putting the "M" in Energy Management
  • Sophisticated HVAC Control Strategies
  • New Standard Set in Kuwait
  • Unifi ed Lighting Control Made Possible by BACnet
  • A Tribute to Bill Swan

BACnet International Journal 02 - 02/11

Main topics include:

  • Savings for School Renovation Optimally Tapped
  • Air Qualitiy Control in Classroom – IAQ Monitoring
  • BACnet Gets an "A" from School Board Management
  • BACnet: To Be is to Gro

BACnet International Journal 01 - 07/10

Main topics include:

  • Smart Grid and BACnet
  • Wireless Towards LEED
  • BACnet at Shanghai Expo
  • BTL Lab Accredited

BACnet International - Brochure

Main topics include:

  • Welcome to your pilot for the first edition comping up in June 2010
  • Exemplary excerpt
  • BACnet Journals worldwide