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BACnet Europe Journal 37

BACnet Europe Journal 37 – 09/22

Main topics:

  • BACnet Solutions: Building Operation System for MAIN TOWER Frankfurt
  • Special: BACnet/SC – More Than Just Secure Data Transmission
  • BACnet Insight: Bringing EnOcean Devices to BACnet
  • BIG-EU News: BIG-EU Establishes a WG Facility Management

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The BACnet Europe Journal is the European magazine for building automation which is based on BACnet technology. Experts, practitioners and professionals show the way how to apply and develop the BACnet standard – from building automation trends to devices and application projects; from qualification and training, to testing and certification; from Who's Who in the BACnet community to useful information on events and publications. Special attention is given to the members and activities of the BACnet Interest Group Europe (BIG-EU).

This biannual and bilingual journal (English/German) can be ordered free of charge within Europe by partners, members, media representatives and friends of the BACnet Europe Interest Group (BIG-EU) – registered society.


BACnet Europe Journal 36 – 03/22

Main topics include:

  • Meetings of the ASHRAE SSPC 135 at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas
  • BACnet Solution: How Liquid Crystals Improve Building Sustainability
  • BACnet Insight: IoT in Commercial Buildings (BIoT)
  • Mission BACnet: BACnet Certifications of Highest Quality
  • BIG-EU: Awards for Innovative Scholarship Theses

BACnet Europe Journal 35 – 09/21

Main topics include:

  • With Confidence and BACnet into the Future (Editorial Heike Dirmeier)
  • BACnet/SC: The Big Picture
  • Mission BACnet: Full Female Power
  • Future-Oriented Building Management in the Age of Digitization
  • Light+Building 2022: BACnet – the Path to Secure Communication

BACnet Europe Journal 34 – 03/21

Main topics include:

  • Facility Management: Smart Waste Solutions for Smart Spaces
  • cube berlin: Planning of a Smart Building
  • Mission BACnet: BIG-EU Statements on Status Quo
  • BACnet Insight: Fourth Industrial Revolution and BACnet

BACnet Europe Journal 33 – 11/20:

Main topics include:

  • L&T Sporthaus: Perfect Climate for Surfing, Shopping and Working Out
  • Technology: BACnet Network Analysis Using Wireshark
  • BACnet-Gateway: New Way to Bridge These Networks
  • Latest BACnet Certificate as per Revision 18 for Software

BACnet Europe Journal 32 – 03/20

Main topics include:

  • A Watershed Moment in Cybersecurity: BACnet/SC
  • Data via BACnet/IP: Cologne GAG Head Offce
  • City Center “Neuermarkt” in Neumarkt in the Upper Palatinate
  • BACnet/SC Acceleration: Program for Suppliers

BACnet Europe Journal 31 – 09/19

Main topics include:

  • BACnet Twin Conference in Frankfurt: Digital and Secure Buildings
  • Manchester Airport: BACnet Connects People-Mover
  • Cyber Security: Practical Approach
  • BACnet Secure Connect: Digital Certifcates Coming Soon
  • Light + Building 2020: BACnet Exhibits Digitally

BACnet Europe Journal 30 – 03/19

Main topics include:

  • ISH 2019: BACnet Joint Stand
  • Indoor Mobility: Integration of Elevators
  • Marienturm Frankfurt: 155 Meters Energy Efficiency
  • BACnet/MQTT: Swiss Feasible Study
  • BIG-EU: New Leadership Team

BACnet Europe Journal 29 – 09/18

Main topics include:

  • Digitalization: BACnet Airport Conference/Frankfurt
  • Frankfurt Airport: Advantages of BACnet
  • Security: Brisk Interest in “BACnet Secure Connect”
  • 64% Global Share: BACnet on the Road to Success

BACnet Europe Journal 28 – 03/18

Main topics include:

  • BACnet at Light+Building
  • Reliable Building Operation
  • BIG-EU Foundation in 1998
  • Connection between BACnet Devices

BACnet Europe Journal 27 – 10/17

Main topics include:

  • Technical monitoring using BACnet
  • Advancements of BACnet standards and digitalization
  • German Brand Award goes to BIG-EU
  • Open Building Automation marketplace at Light+Building 2018

BACnet Europe Journal 26 – 03/17

Main topics include:

  • BACnet users in Hamburg and worldwide
  • Pioneering work at many different levels
  • New global process for Certification and Listing
  • All about BACnet: BIG-EU's new corporate video

BACnet Europe Journal 25 – 10/16

Main topics include:

  • Case studies from Spain, UK, Germany, and Italy
  • The new consolidated BACnet standard
  • Welcome to the BACnet Interest Group Europe!
  • More companies provide BACnet conformance testing

BACnet Europe Journal 24 – 03/16

Main topics include:

  • Lecture program
  • Climate-friendly Shopping Experience
  • New Test Labs in the Wings
  • BACnet Forum Barcelona

BACnet Europe Journal 23 – 09/15

Main topics include:

  • ISH2015 - 10+20 years of sustainable success
  • BACnet is, and will continue to be a factor of success
  • Comfortable cimlate in Oslo´s most famous shopping centre
  • How to specify application oriented BACnet Interoperability

BACnet Europe Journal 21 - 10/14

Main topics include:

  • 20/10 Years of BACnet – The BACnet Global Roadshow
  • New BACnet Functions Enter the Markets
  • Bauhaus Architecture Equipped with BACnet BMS
  • First German-speaking Niagara Forum

BACnet Europe Journal 20 - 03/14

Main topics include:

  • Welcome to ReliableBuilding Operations
  • Power of BACnet in Energy Management
  • Qualification Model for Building Automation Planners
  • Latest BACnet Facts Highlighted in Paris

BACnet Europe Journal 19 - 10/13

Main topics include:

  • Survey: What Does Reliable Building Automation Mean to You?
  • Interview: Plant Operation Benefits from BACnet / OPC UA Mapping
  • BIG-EU at Building Efficiency Congress 2013
  • Users Want to Integrate Safety and Security Technology with BACnet

BACnet Europe Journal 18 - 03/13

Main topics include:

  • Interview: BACnet in safety and security systems
  • BIG-EU at ISH 2013: Updated BACnet Standard 135-2012
  • BIG-EU goes Social Media

BACnet Europe Journal 17 - 10/12

Main topics include:

  • Promoting economical operation of buildings – Building Efficiency 2012
  • Interview: The growing range of the BACnet standard capabilities
  • BACnet in China: Standardization process speeds up

BACnet Europe Journal 16 04/12

Main topics include:

  • Global Harmonization of BACnet Conformance Testing
  • Tekfen Tower: A “green” Building as Benchmark for Turkey
  • BACnet Solutions for Hospital Management

BACnet Europe Journal - Deutsche Sonderausgabe 1 - 09/11

This special issue is available in German language only.

Main topics include:

  • New Era at BACnet Certification
  • Energy-efficient facility management
  • Marienkrankenhaus Soest - BACnet connecting generations

BACnet Europe Journal 15 - 09/11

Main topics include:

  • New Era of BACnet Certification
  • BACnet at Its Best at the Nuremberg Fair
  • "Building Efficiency 2011” Congress Shows - The Way to energy-efficient building

BACnet Europe Journal 14 - 03/11

Main topics include:

  • ISH: BACnet never sleeps
  • BACnet stands Physicist’s Test
  • Operator vs. Advanced Workstations
  • Certification on Winning Course

BACnet Europe Journal 13 - 11/10

Main topics include:

  • Optimizing School Facilities
  • BACnet Wins Gold at Olympics
  • BACnet in IT Environments
  • European BACnet Plugfest

BACnet Europe Journal 12 - 04/10

Main topics include:

  • Efficient Renovation with BACnet
  • ASHRAE Adopts BACnet
  • BACnet at Heidelberger Druckmaschinen
  • Energy Optimization with Green-IT
  • Energy Saving Functions

BACnet Europe Journal 11 - 10/09

Main topics include:

  • Hospital Renovation with BACnet
  • Energy-efficient Community Center
  • BACnet at Heidelberger Druckmaschinen
  • Higher Quality of BACnet Projects
  • BACnet at "GebäudeEffizienz 2009"

BACnet Europe Journal 11 - 03/09

Main topics include:

  • BACnet standard expanded
  • Maximising performance at Turin Provincial Headquarters
  • German air traffic control provider implements most extensive BACnet network
  • LEED 2009 and Open BACnet Systems
  • BACnet on the move in Dubai

BACnet Europe Journal 09 - 11/08

Main topics include:

  • BACnet at the Zugspitz Summit
  • Flexibility at the Berlin O2 Arena
  • Maximum Comfort at the British Cinemas
  • Recording measurement reading
  • Highlights for developers and users

BACnet Europe Journal 08 - 03/08

Main topics include:

  • Airport goes BACnet
  • Interview: Independence
  • Saving Energy as Challenge
  • Command Priorization
  • BACnet boosts Export

BACnet Europe Journal 07 - 11/07

Main topics include:

  • Conformance Test started
  • BACnet in Public Buildings
  • "BACnet 2007" Recommendation
  • Addressing in Projects
  • Functional View of BACnet

BACnet Europe Journal 06 - 05/07

Main topics include:

  • Building Automation Sihlcity (CH)
  • Roadmap to BTL Test
  • Quality of BACnet Projects
  • Lighting Control Integration
  • BACnet France Founded

BACnet Europe Journal 05 - 11/06

Main topics include:

  • Bye-bye Field Bus War
  • BACnet Integrates Security
  • BACnet Test Framework
  • DeTeImmobilien Becomes Member

BACnet Europe Journal 04 - 04/06

Main topics include:

  • BACnet is programmed for Growth
  • BACnet Reference Solutions
  • BACnet MSTP as field bus
  • BIG-EU Executive Board international

BACnet Europe Journal 03 - 01/06

Main topics include:

  • BACnet Reference Solutions
  • XML based web services
  • The road to integration
  • BACnet Conference in Berlin
  • Cost-saving concepts

BACnet Europe Journal 02 - 02/05

Main topics include:

  • BACnet/IP Protocol Analysis
  • BACnet Reference Solutions
  • Experience with Interoperability
  • 2nd European BACnet Plugfest
  • BACnet Product Catalogue

BACnet Europe Journal 01 - 09/04

Main topics include:

  • BIG-EU Concentrates its Forces
  • Reference Solutions
  • Product Reports
  • Interoperability
  • Web Services