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          Beispiel für die Lichtsteuerung im Bürogebäude.
          Office building – lighting control example.

          Directly, lighting control strategies are the primary way   DALI also offers color control gear, which can emulate   allowing for data exchange and feedback. With both sys-
          to create a human-centric lighting environment, that is,   outdoor lighting conditions to connect us with the natural   tems connected, the BACnet BMS can control the DALI
          an environment that mimics natural light, improving our   light mentioned above. Creating color fixtures for differ-  system directly, and it's also possible to have it interact
          well-being and enhancing our concentration organically,   ent applications such as hotel lobbies, restaurants, spas,   with other systems within the building in real-time. For
          something increasingly important nowadays as we spend   and relaxing spaces is also possible. These control meth-  example, you can:
          more and more time inside buildings. On the other hand,   ods bring significant advantages on their own, but their  ƒ  increase a couple of degrees on the HVAC at certain
          they are also essential in achieving efficient energy use,   potential is much bigger. Integrating them, as part of a   times of the day if the space is empty, for energy effi-
          helping to reduce energy consumption, and minimizing   DALI system, with a BACnet Building Management Sys-  ciency,
          environmental impact on a more global scale.   tem (BMS) can take things to another level. The problem  ƒ  coordinate the lobby lights to turn on when people are
                                            is that being different protocols, BACnet and DALI can't   about to arrive if your lift system is part of the BACnet
          Rules and Regulations             understand each other directly. How can this problem be   BMS, for energy efficiency and comfort.
          The importance of both factors has led to the creation               The possibilities are endless once all the information and
          of many energy or building codes and standards that   Stronger together  control are in a single place.   
          include requirements for lighting controls in commercial
          and residential buildings. These codes may often specify   This is where Intesis gateways come in, working as the
          the use of occupancy sensors, daylight harvesting, and   link between a BACnet BMS and a DALI system, estab-
          automatic shutoff controls to optimize energy usage.   lishing bi-directional communication between both and

          DALI and BACnet
          Knowing this, using the right tools to comply with these
          requirements becomes a matter of utmost importance.
          This can be quite challenging, as these tools usually
          involve using different technologies that have historically
          evolved independently, each covering specific fields. For
          example, BACnet is one of the most widely used proto-
          cols in building automation, and the DALI protocol holds
          a similar position for lighting control.            Yenny Suancha
                                                              Product EngineerIntesis
          In a DALI system, we can have sensors (for light or occu-
          pancy) and devices to enable user input, such as push
          buttons or sliders. These are collectively known as input
          devices because they provide information for automated
          control and allow occupants to adjust the lighting set-
          tings manually. They allow occupants to select different
          scenes in a meeting room for presentations, meetings, or
          a relaxed atmosphere, the light sensors can be used to
          dim the lights down automatically when sunlight is bright;   Xavier Jorquera
          this happens proportionately, so the brighter the sunlight,   Technical WriterIntesis
          the dimmer the lights get.

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