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BACnet Insight

          circuit, pre-heater, heat recovery) and several examples of plant templates (e.g. weather
          station, pressure maintenance).
          BACtwin enables lossless data exchange
          The user addressing key (UAK) plays a key role in the data model. The BACtwin working
          group has further developed the UAK proposed in VDI 3814 Sheet 4.1 into a machine-
          interpretable BACtwin UAK, which creates the necessary standardized  basis for data
          communication in BACtwin projects.  The differentiated structures and unambiguous
          terms of the BACtwin UAK enable coherent data point designations and IT-supported
          evaluations of the data points, BAC functions and system structures.
          The operator requirement (orange) ensures the binding introduction of the BACtwin concept.
          As buildings and their uses are very different, the operator requirement lists possible options
          (e.g. UAK numbering, reporting class, execution control).  The building  owner/
          operator specifies the desired or undesired options in the operator requirement for all
          projects. The operator requirement creates a well-founded, uniform basis for all planning,
          tendering and awarding as well as for execution and acceptance.

          BACtwin-compatible software tools are important work aids for BACtwin users.
          Through the integration of the BACtwin data model, they enable a
          standardized, structured approach and a consistent process from planning,
          engineering,  acceptance  and  operation  through  to  monitoring  and  data  transfer.
          They create the basis for interoperable BA systems in accordance with german GEG
          (Building Energy Act) §71a. The graphic distinguishes between software tools for planning,     Digital Services
          engineering and operation (blue) and testing tools (green).
          The software tools enable the automated implementation of the planning, creation,     aus der
          commissioning and technical monitoring of standardized systems. The planners and
          contractors can access neutrally predefined standard units, assemblies and systems.
          The standardized addressing supports efficient IT-supported BA applications and neutral,
          loss-free data exchange.                                 Schöpfen Sie das Potenzial smarter Gebäude aus!

          In important process phases, the testing tools validate the standardized mass data for
          planning, execution and operation completely 1:1. The testing tools are used as indispensable   Performance Management
          tools for acceptance and good quality assurance.
                                                                   Konsolidierung der Datenfl ut anhand weniger, entscheidender
          BACtwin offers important advantages to all project participants  Indikatoren und automatische Warnungen bei Abweichungen
          The BACtwin application offers important advantages to all project participants. Thanks   vom Normalbetrieb.
          to the comprehensive, neutral standardization of the AMEV, the client, BAC planner and
          contractor do not have to “start from scratch” for every construction project. Discussions
          about the “correct use of BACnet” become superfluous. The development and coordination   Remote Management
          effort involved in planning, implementing and refurbishing BACnet systems is considerably   Intelligente Fernzugriffsmöglichkeiten auf die lokale Anlage
          reduced. Duplication of work and errors due to media disruptions are avoided. BACtwin
          promotes cooperative interaction between project participants and fair competition.  sowie Verfügbarkeit von SAUTER Engineeringtools, auch für
                                                                   externe Servicedienstleister.
          In Germany, according to GEG §71a, BAC systems must support communication with
          connected technical systems and interoperability with building services systems from
          2025. BACtwin creates the data technology basis for implementing the GEG regulations   Customer Portal
          and the European Green Deal within building automation. With an increasing shortage of
          skilled workers, these challenges can only be overcome with further standardization. The   Technische Pläne, Service-Kontakte sowie Dokumente und
          AMEV BACtwin is intended to make a contribution to this.    
                                                                   Rechnungen sorgen für ein transparentes Gebäudemanage-
                                                                   ment. Die Einbindung von Performance-Indikatoren unterstützt
                                                                   Sie beim Risikomanagement.

                                                                   Die Digital Services sind Teil kundenspezifi scher Service-
                                                                   pakete der SAUTER Vertriebsorganisationen.

                           Jürgen Hardkop
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