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Anwendungen  Solutions

          school and sports centers, the indoor swimming  work  for automation solutions, alongside con-
          pool, and the fire department.    sumption data acquisition and monitoring. The
                                            school center sets a benchmark in intelligent
          Renewable Energies and Solar Thermal   building technology and meets all the require-
          Systems with Storage in Focus     ments of § 71 of the Building Energy Act (GEG).
          The project's scope included upgrading the
          community school's building automation system,
          with a concentration on renewable energies and
          solar thermal systems. This involved implement-
          ing a solar local heating system with long-term
          storage and renewing the BA for heating, venti-
          lation, and room automation. Two sports halls,
          the indoor swimming pool, and the fire depart-
          ment were also integrated into the BMS network
          control center.

          ”OAS Open AutomationSystems” for Room
          and Building Automation

          The OAS solution marks the commencement of
          a forward-looking smart city project, with all sys-
          tems integrated via BACnet. The extension build-
          ing connects flawlessly to Niagara via BACnet.
          For room automation, the  BACnet-based
          EasyI/O system from Johnson Controls, linked
          via  BACnet MS/TP, effectively manages tem-
          perature and air quality in the comprehensive
          school's classrooms through CO  sensors.  Übersicht des Schul- und Sportzentrums im OAS WEBvisuPORTAL.  © OAS
          Significantly,  all  non-BACnet-compatible  auto-  Overview of the school and sports center in the OAS WEBvisuPORTAL.
          mation devices related to heat generation and
          distribution, solar thermal, and air handling
          units across six buildings and twelve ISPs were
          replaced with 14 AMEV-certified BACnet auto-
          mation  devices  (JACE  8000/OAS  SBS  JACE
          8N4). Moreover,  BACnet-enabled boiler circuit
          pumps from Biral augmented the efficiency and
          functionality of the boiler system with high-effi-
          ciency pumps.

          One of the Largest Solar Thermal Systems
          in Southern Germany

          Reactivating one  of southern  Germany's  larg-
          est solar thermal systems is a key component of
          this project, supplying the local heating network   Heizungsanlage des Schulzentrums Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen im OAS WEBvisuPORTAL.  © OAS
          and benefiting the school and sports center,   Heating system of the Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen school center in the OAS WEBvisuPORTAL..
          including the indoor swimming pool and fire sta-
          tion. The solar thermal collectors generate eco-
          friendly heat across 1,600 square meters.
          Sustainable Energy Efficiency through
          Comprehensive Monitoring and Control

          The  implementation of  OAS's Green Solution
          at the Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen school center                                              open
          boosts sustainable energy efficiency and facili-   Ralf Rostock
          tates comprehensive monitoring and control of      Geschäftsführender GesellschafterOAS Open AutomationSystems GmbH
          building technology. This is achieved through
          the integration of BACnet  and Niagara-Frame-

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