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          Managementsystem: WEBVISION 5.
          Management system: WEBVISION 5.

          Since 1992, Bosch Building Automation GmbH  systems and five different generations of  Modbus, M-Bus, OPC, LON, KNX and others
          (from 1978 to 2022 operating under the name  automation systems have been utilised since  enable this homogeneously. Another 56 building
          GFR mbH – Gesellschaft für Regelungstechnik  1992. All of these products have been upward  automation equipment from 14 existing buildings
          und Energieeinsparung) has been supporting  and downward compatible, so that when a new  will be integrated from an older management
          the hospital with technically innovative products  product was introduced, all existing products  system in the near future.
          that  are  always  based  on  the  present  state  could be retained and embedded into the new
          of  the  art.  These  are  applied  in  the  areas  of  structure. All new investments in recent years  The BACnet management systems as well as the
          building automation, building management  have been based on the BACnet/IP and BACnet  BACnet building automation equipment meet the
          and energy management. The products of the  MS/TP communication standards.  highest requirements in the field of BACnet and
          DIGICONTROL brand focus on  innovative  and                          are BTL-certified and complies with the AMEV
          harmonised solutions,  safety concepts and  About 100 BACnet Building Controllers (B-BC)  guideline. Bosch Building Automation GmbH was
          integrated technologies in order to meet the  of the ems2 and ems5 automation systems are  able to meet the requirements for investment
          requirements of competitive and economically  presently connected to the web-based BACnet  security, optimum energy management and
          operated hospital buildings.      Advanced Workstation (B-AWS) WEBVISION 5.  the best possible ease of use very successfully,
                                            Additionally,  another  253  building  automation  as the applied products feature outstanding
          The basis of these product and solution  equipment from previous series have been  properties in the areas of distributed intelligence,
          developments has also always been the  integrated into the system. Today, this means  communication capability, security and, of
          consideration of long-term investment security.  a scope of about 43,000 physical data points.  course, excellent interoperability in the field of
          Four different versions of building management  Additional interfaces such as S-BUS+, S-BUS,  BACnet.   

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