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Anwendungen  Solutions

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         Insgesamt 48 Embedded-PCs aus den Baureihen CX8091, CX9020 und CX5020 dienen als BACnet-konforme Etagen- oder Gebäudesteuerungen; hier zu sehen ein CX9020.
         A total of 48 Embedded-PCs from the CX8091, CX9020 and CX5020 series are used as BACnet-compliant floor or building controllers; here a CX9020.

          Die enge Zusammenarbeit seit 2017 hat uns  KL6781 Bus Terminals, are used to network  nents, including valves, ventilation units (AHU, Air
          in der Wahl von Beckhoff als Zulieferer für das  the Danfoss solutions. In addition, a total of 48  Handling Units), frequency converters, measuring
          Hotel Alsik bestärkt. Wir kennen die Stabili-  Embedded PCs from the CX8091, CX9020 and  devices and wireless components.
          tät ihrer Lösungen und die Innovationskraft  CX5020 series in the large, scalable Beckhoff
          ihrer Mitarbeiter“, fasst Michael Kurth, Facility   product portfolio are  used as  BACnet-compli-  “The  open  standards  supported  by  Beckhoff
          Manager im Alsik Hotel, zusammen.        ant floor or equipment controllers. They pro-  allow us to reach our goals and create solu-
                                            vide the PLC functions for the building climate  tions  tailored  to  our  requirements.  In  addition,
                                            control and integrate them with the hotel‘s  Beckhoff has already developed a software
          Alsik Hotel opened up in May 2019, adding a  building management and booking system.   function block for the NovoCon digital valve from
          new attraction to the small town of Sønderborg                       Danfoss, which can be used to collect a wide
          and the Als region, which is rich in tradition.  According to the Danish building regulations  range of data. This makes it easier for us to con-
          In the hotel‘s basement and on the 18th floor,  (BEK2020), which is two levels higher than the  figure the controller. Beckhoff has also develo-
          HVAC systems combined with state-of-the-art  requirements  to  the  hotel  at  design  freeze  in  ped special programs and protocols for control-
          building automation ensure comfortable temper-  2015, buildings may consume a maximum of 25  ling our wireless components. The close coope-
          atures and air conditioning in the public areas, a  kWh/m² of energy, which is equivalent to a CO   ration since 2017 has strengthened our choice of
          spa with a floor space of 4,500 m  and the con-  neutrality of 75%. Hotel Alsik is designed to even  Beckhoff as a supplier for Hotel Alsik. We know
          ference rooms.                    slightly exceed these specifications with a CO   the stability of their solutions and the innovative
                                            neutrality of close to 76%. The energy frame for  power of their employees,” Michael Kurth, Facility
          Exceeding Danish energy efficiency   the hotel is designed to be 4 times better than  Manager at Alsik Hotel, concludes.        
          building regulations              the requirements to the hotel at design freeze
                                            in 2015.
          Alsik Hotel was financed by the Danish pension
          fund PFA together with the Bitten & Mads Clau-  Open standards are crucial
          sen Foundation. Danfoss, the company behind
          this foundation and one of the leading manu-  Close cooperation between Danfoss and
          facturers  of  components  for HVAC, equipped  Beckhoff since 2017 paved the way for Beckhoff
          the hotel accordingly. A wide range of I/O com-  as a supplier in these kinds of building automation
          ponents from Beckhoff, including 1,170 analog  applications. For Hotel Alsik, automation solutions
          and 712 digital I/Os as well as 43 BACnet MS/  were needed that would be freely programmable
          TP EL6861 EtherCAT Terminals and  7 M-Bus  and would work smoothly with Danfoss compo-

                                                              Aki Kalajainen
                                                              Manager International Sales Building AutomationBeckhoff Automation

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