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Anwendungen  Solutions

                Sicht ohne Verschattung, partiell und komplett
                            abgedunkelte Scheiben.
                     Visibility without shading, partially and
                           completely darkened glass.

          rises. In contrast to window blinds, however, the
          view to the outside is not restricted in the dark-
          ened state and the daylight yield remains high.
          The improved indoor climate is also reflected in
          reduced energy requirements.

          SAUTER using BACnet-MQTT gateway for
          demand based light control

          The challenge for SAUTER was to integrate the
          control of the windows into Merck’s own app. IoT
          data points were programmed for access, and
          each of the eyrise  control modules addresses
          up to eight windows out of a total of 112. The
          ecos504 automation station forms the BACnet-
          MQTT gateway, allowing modular room automa-
          tion with optimised energy consumption. A total
          of 18,500 data points have been implemented in
          the building. In addition to MQTT for the IoT con-
          nection, numerous other communication stand-
          ards are used: BACnet/IP (system- and manu-
          facturer-independent) for laboratory control,
          EnOcean for room operating units, DALI for the
          lighting control and SMI for external sun shad-
          ing. SAUTER fitted 11 cabinets in the technical
          control centres for system automation and 30
          cabinets on the different storeys for room auto-
          mation. Modbus applications were also imple-
          mented by SAUTER.

          SAUTER’s modulo system formed the basis of
          the system solution tailored to the center’s tech-
          nical requirements. Decentralised room automa-
          tion kept installation costs low. The integrated
          solution and harmonised products (HVAC func-                                             © Merck KGaA
          tions, sun shading and lighting) also help reduce
          emissions. In matters of building automation,
          SAUTER Germany has been the go-to expert
          for Merck since 2009. Since then, SAUTER has
          been involved in around 40 of the customer’s
          buildings at the Darmstadt site and, among other
          things, has taken over the building automation of
          the Merck Innovation Centre, which opened in
          2018.                                              Thomas Wosnitzka
                                                              Planung und Vertrieb Sauter Systems
                                                              SAUTER Deutschland Sauter-Cumulus GmbH

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