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         Die Haustechniker sind dabei in der Lage, dank vorgefertigter GEZE-Bibliothek, die entsprechenden Änderungen jederzeit selbst vorzunehmen.
         Thanks to the pre-manufactured GEZE library, the building managers are able to make the necessary changes themselves at any time.

          Torsten Klotzsche, head of the building’s techni-  more extensive expectations. The main demands  Open BACnet/IP interface facilitates easy
          cal services department, says: “The best build-  were the option of time-based access control,  connection
          ing management system is the one you hardly  the possibility to adapt escape routes, closing
          notice. For us, that also means that it can be  sequence controls, and the capability to guaran-  Integrating the doors into the overall system
          adapted easily and flexibly to the needs of our  tee smooth data exchange with a heterogeneous  delivers many benefits in terms of access man-
          building. My vision was to achieve intelligent  field level. The heads of technology opted for the  agement: typical weak points such as doors that
          activation of neuralgic information and control  PcVue building management solution. Thanks to  people forget to close in the evening or unau-
          points with manageable investments. The aim  the pre-manufactured GEZE library, the build-  thorised entry are now a thing of the past. The
          is  to  facilitate  the  daily  work  of  the  specialist  ing managers are able to make the necessary  system now locks the doors automatically during
          departments.”                     changes themselves at any time – even adjust-  a specified period. Where necessary, staff can
                                            ments caused by the Corona pandemic were eas-  open a particular door to allow individual per-
          Flexibility from an interdisciplinary system  ily implemented. So far, three door control units,  sons access. The doors will also be connected
                                            three interlocking door systems, a curved slid-  to a weather station: each door can react auto-
          The building complex has grown historically,  ing door and some automatic doors have been  matically to pre-defined parameters, such as
          and continues to grow: it currently comprises  connected to the system. The renovations were  the wind strength or solar radiation. Inside the
          four main buildings and four annexes. The exist-  undertaken while business continued as normal,  building, doors can be set to “hold open” during
          ing visualisation system was unable to map the  without affecting processes within the building.  defined periods, which significantly reduces the
                                                                               movement cycles and thus the wear and tear on
                                                                               the doors. By connecting the doors via stand-
                                                                               ardised BACnet/IP protocol to the building man-
                                            Das Krankenhaus St. Joseph-Stift in Dresden konnte    agement system, the St. Joseph-Stift hospital in
                                            mit Hilfe von PcVue und GEZE ein umfassendes
                                            Management-Tool für die Haustechnik einführen.  Dresden is creating greater transparency, com-
                                            The St. Joseph-Stift hospital in Dresden has developed    fort and security for its employees and patients.
                                            a comprehensive building services management tool
                                            with the help of the PcVue and GEZE.

                                                              Daniel Keinath
                                                              International Key Account Manager Smart Building | GEZE GmbH
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                           St. Joseph-Stift Dresden

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