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Anwendungen  Solutions

           © Hans Alm

          Die Wireless-BACnet-Technologie reduzierte die Installationszeit um 65 %.
          Wireless BACnet technology reduced the installation time with 65%.

          The challenge was that the retrofit needed               © LumenRadio
          to be done when the school was still being
          used, without disrupting lessons. By choosing
          LumenRadio’s wireless  BACnet product there
          was no need to install any new cables and
          therefore no construction work, which also
          meant no time-consuming installation planning
          or daisy-chaining.

          126 nodes were wirelessly connected in five
          separate  networks.  Thanks  to  LumenRadio’s
          patented wireless  BACnet technology, the
          communication network has a uniquely high
          level of reliability and ensures that there is no
          interference with the other wireless systems at
          the school.

          Petri Kauppinen from Kieback & Peter was
          impressed by the  speed  and  simplicity of  the
          installation process.  “We were very pleased                         W-BACnet – BACnet MS/TP über ein zuverlässiges
          with the quick installation and commissioning,”                      Wireless Mesh.
                                                                               W-BACnet – BACnet MS/TP through reliable wireless
          Petri says. “No extra software was needed for                        mesh.
          the commissioning and due to the quick and
          easy  installation  we didn’t  have  to  disrupt  the
          daily running of the school.”

          LumenRadio’s W-BACnet products make it
          possible to create a wireless  BACnet mesh
          network that maintains the standard and             Carl von Rosen
                                                              Product development manager Building & Industrial Control Systems
          interoperability of the protocol. The W-BACnet      LumenRadio
          products are compatible with any other product
          utilizing the BACnet MS/TP standard.    

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