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Anwendungen  Solutions

          Mark Stüdemann von der Bauerfeind AG.  Beispiel eines Liegenschaftsdashboards in B-CON.
          Mark Stüdemann from Bauerfeind AG.   Sample of a facility management dashboard in B-CON.

          Welche Anforderungen stellt Ihr Unterneh-  Were there any particularly challenging   What demands does your company place
          men heute an die Managementebene?   tasks?                           on its management today?

          Stüdemann: Es ist uns ein großes Anliegen, im  Stüdemann: The company’s data centre moni-  Stüdemann: It is of course very important to
          Unternehmen energieeffizient zu arbeiten. Das  toring had to meet “Tier III” availability require-  us, that the business works energy efficiently.
          Energiemanagement wird  stetig  weiterentwi-  ments. There were many challenges: ensuring   We are continually developing our energy man-
          ckelt. Es ist für uns von großem Nutzen, dass  in-house technical personnel were alerted reli-  agement. It is also of great benefit to us that,
          wir mithilfe von B-CON über eine Leitebene mit  ably and quickly, as well as transferring the most   with the help of B-CON, we have a control level
          einer Komplettübersicht verfügen, die unsere  important data points from the connected con-  with a complete overview that helps us to make
          Systeme ausfallsicherer macht. Damit wird die  trol systems. Legacy data had to be digitised.   our systems fail-safe. This is very important to
          hohe Verfügbarkeit der Anlagen hier am Stand-  Highly available monitoring of the critical data   ensure the high availability of the systems here
          ort gewährleistet. Um der permanenten Entwick-  centre infrastructure was aimed for, as well as   at the site. In order to keep up with the constant
          lung der Produkte gerecht zu werden, wird die  the creation of two operational environments for   development and optimisation of the products,
          Gebäudeleittechnik stets den aktuellen Produk-  the maintenance supervisor and the technician,   the building control system is also always aligned
          tionsprozessen angepasst und erweitert.     to enable the effective escalation management   to the latest production processes and is con-
                                            of fault messages.                 tinually being expanded.       

          Mark Stüdemann works in facility management  What role did BACnet (Building Automa-
          for Bauerfeind AG, specifically in building sys-  tion and Control Networks) play in this
          tems technology. He answered questions about  context?
          the B-CON building software he works with,                            About ICONAG
          from ICONAG-Leittechnik, Idar-Oberstein.  Stüdemann: BACnet is a data transfer protocol
                                            for building automation and building control that   ICONAG-Leittechnik GmbH in Idar-Oberstein is
          What were Bauerfeind’s goals when it set   simplifies the communication between building   an internationally active company specialising
          up a management and control system for   automation products from different manufactur-  in the development and marketing of software
          building automation?              ers. We benefit from the many B-CON functions   solutions for the digitisation of technical
                                            which are tailor-made for BACnet, for example   building management. Since the company was
          Mark Stüdemann: After the completion of the  a native interface to BACnet, direct reading of   founded in 1996, its goal has been to simplify
          administration building in September 2004,  BACnet objects via the network, the transfer of   the operational management of buildings in an
          Bauerfeind took its first steps towards profes-  the plant identification system from the BACnet   increasingly complex technical landscape and
          sional building control technology with the imple-  objects, the direct visualisation of all objects for   to reduce energy consumption. The basic
          mentation of B-CON. This globally used standard  display and control in list form, and many more.   prerequisite for this: combining all the technical
          for building visualisation replaced the existing  Incidentally ICONAG provides a free  BACnet   functions and information of all maintenance
          lighting control system and the in-house build-  MBE guide with many practical tips for planning   groups in a single management system.
          ing control system. The plan was to meet the  and calling for tender for a BACnet management   Further information:
          increasing demands on modern building control  and control system.
          software and to be able to operate the many dif-
          ferent interfaces via a single standardised soft-
          ware  user  interface.  Today  large  parts  of  our
          buildings are centrally controlled with B-CON.

                                                              Dipl. Ing. Christian Wild
                                                              Geschäftsführer der ICONAG Leittechnik GmbH Idar-Oberstein

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