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Facility Management  Facility Management

          Licht, Lüftung, Heizung, Füllstand der Recycling  The authors of this technical article Roland  the office space or on the hospital ward. Any
          -Stationen (Smart Waste Solution von Hailo   Schönebeck from Hailo Digital Hub and Frank  form of cleaning scenario can be optimised or
          Digital Hub) sowie externe Einflüsse wie Wetter  Schubert from Beckhoff Automation have  improved in quality through prediction accuracy.
          und Sonneneinstrahlung ineinandergreifen.  All  thought about this:

          diese Datenpunkte werden in die Gebäudeauto-      ➞  How can intelligent waste disposal be  Based on LoRaWAN, the BACnet communication
          mation eingebunden.                    fully integrated into building automation?  protocol and interactive, intelligent devices, the
                                                ➞  How must cleaning processes be  connectivity of all participating devices and IoT

          Die  smarte und intelligente  Vernetzung findet   comprehensively designed so that they are   elements is realised. This allows room booking
          bereits auf der Automationsebene des Gebäu-  sustainable and resource-saving?  and occupancy (calendar), cleaning cycles,

          des statt: Mit den entwickelten Algorithmen und      ➞  How can smart data processing and  access management, resource planning, data
          den daraus resultierenden Ergebnissen bzw. für   visualisation contribute to a better quality  from the sensors (multisensor, people count-

          den gesamten Prozess notwendigen Schlussfol-  of life and work for waste producers and  ing),  lighting,  ventilation,  heating,  the  fill  level
          gerungen werden die Daten wie an einer Börse   disposal units?       of the recycling stations (Smart Waste Solution
          denjenigen zur Verfügung gestellt, die diese in                      from Hailo Digital Hub) as well as external
          ihrer spezifischen Applikation nutzen und verar-  From these considerations, a comprehensive  influences such as weather and solar radiation to be
          beiten können. So kann z. B. eine Flächenrei-  concept for  ”Smart Waste“ in particular and  interlinked. All these data points are integrated
          nigung dann erfolgen, wenn es die Wetterlage  for the cleaning process as an overall solution  into the building automation.
          sinnvoll zulässt. Ein Abfalleimer muss erst dann  quickly emerged.
          entleert werden, wenn ein bestimmter Füllstand                       Smart and intelligent networking already takes
          erreicht ist oder der Raum über einen längeren  This solution is based on three pillars that ensure  place at the automation level of the building:
          Zeitraum nicht genutzt werden wird (Prognose  comprehensive integration:  With the developed algorithms and the result-
          anhand des Kalenders). Über ein Dashboard,                           ing results or conclusions necessary for the
          welches durch die Beckhoff Gebäudeautomation  1. data                entire process, the data is made available like
          bereitgestellt wird, lassen sich diese Vorgänge  2. connectivity     on a stock exchange to those who can use and
          und Informationen nutzergerecht visualisieren.  3. smart, intelligent networking  process it in their specific application. For

          Somit führt die Konnektivität und Vernetzung                         example, surfaces can be cleaned when the
          dazu, dass eine einfache Handhabung – ohne  To make the interaction of the three pillars tangible,   weather permits. A waste bin only needs to be
          tiefreifende Schulung – für den Nutzer der  Beckhoff Automation and Hailo Digital Hub have  emptied when a certain fill level is reached or
          Räumlichkeiten und für das Facility Management  developed  a use  case.  This can be  integrated  the room will not be used for a longer period of
          möglich ist.                      immediately into any building and aims to make  time (forecast based on the calendar). These
                                            building cleaning and waste disposal sustainable,  processes and information can be visualised in
          Neben der smarten und einfachen Nutzung  resource-saving and forward-looking.  a user-friendly way via a dashboard provided
          ist diese Lösungskombination elementarer                             by Beckhoff building automation. In this way,
          Bestandteil für nachhaltiges und zukunftsorien-  With this solution, not only is actual data  connectivity and networking lead to simple
          tiertes Gebäudemanagement. Und die Summe  recorded, e.g. the filling level of the waste bins,  handling – without in-depth training – for the user
          dieser „Green Buildings“ wird die Smart Spaces  but this data is additionally enriched with planning   of the premises and for facility management.
          in unserer Umwelt auf den nächsten Level heben  information.  For example,  a meeting  room is
          und Smart Cities echte Realität werden lassen.  cleaned and disinfected after use without the  In addition to smart and simple use, this
                                           cleaner bursting in during the ongoing meeting to  combination of solutions is an elementary
                                            dispose of the waste. With the booking data for  component for sustainable and future-oriented
          A major component of these concepts are the  the next few weeks, a forecast can be made on  building management. And the sum of these
          buildings in which we live and work every day.  the amount of waste and the resources needed  “green buildings” will take smart spaces in our
          Through the growing, fully integrated automation  for cleaning (skilled workers, cleaning materials,  environment to the next level and make smart
          in these buildings, new processes and techno-  etc.). This also applies to occupancy figures in  cities a real reality.   
          logically supported solutions are possible, which
          will bring us more quickly to the goals reflected.
          BACnet as an open communication standard
          for relevant IoT elements is also an important      Roland Schönebeck
          component in the overall construct.                 Head of Sales & Business Development
                                                              Hailo Digital Hub GmbH & Co. KG
          To this end, developments are rapid and new
          solutions are constantly coming onto the market
          with intrinsic motivation. But there are also areas
          where processes or solutions are not being
          addressed or have stalled.
                                                              Frank Schubert
                                                              Marketing & Training at Beckhoff Automation GmbH & Co. KG, Verl
          When did you last consider how your waste can       Member of SSPC135 (BACnet Committee)
          be disposed of or processed in a recyclable,        Treasurer in the executive board BACnet Interest Group Europe
          intelligent and forward-looking way?                Trainer VDI-Wissensforum and BACnet Academy

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