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Anwendungen  Solutions

          BACnet erlaubt z. B. die Fernsteuerung des  by 20 to 60% on average. To achieve this, it’s  can be easily monitored via  BACnet –  giving
          Frequenzumrichters, die Abfrage von Zustands-  crucial to ensure HVAC system components  a good base to optimize building energy use to
          und Prozesswerten sowie das Monitoring des  including drives are well integrated into the  comply with the EU directive.
          Energieverbrauchs von Frequenzumrichter-  building management system (BMS) for smarter
          gesteuerten HLK-Anwendungen – eine gute  and more efficient HVAC management.   In addition, ABB is now introducing IoT support
          Basis, die Energienutzung von Gebäuden nach                          using not only native protocols, but also drive-
          der EU-Richtlinie zu optimieren.  ABB has been part of the IoT evolution, helping  panel-based wireless capabilities – cellular
                                            technologies enabling IoT gradually move from  narrow band and Bluetooth. The connectiv-
          Darüber hinaus führt ABB in bestimmten Regio-  wired to wireless. It is still unclear how both  ity panel enables a broad range of drive data
          nen eine IoT-Unterstützung ein, die nicht nur sys-  communication ways will develop, and if they  to be easily readable, but also visualized on the
          temeigene Protokolle, sondern auch Frequen-  will compete, complement each other, or work  ABB Ability  cloud portal. Cloud services allow
          zumrichter-Panel-basierte Drahtlosfunktionen  in their niches. But in the meantime, there is a  remote monitoring of operational KPIs, events,
          nutzt – wie Narrowband-IoT und Bluetooth. Das  need for component flexibility when it comes to  real time and historical parameter trends. And,
          Drive-Connectivity-Panel bietet Einblick in eine  BMS integration. And drives are no exception.  of course, users can easily get reports on energy
          große Bandbreite von Antriebsdaten, die leicht                       savings and HVAC efficiency.
          lesbar aufbereitet und im „ABB Ability “-Cloud-  ABB’s drives not only ensure efficient HVAC
          Portal visualisiert werden. Über Cloud-Dienste  energy use but also allow easy integration into  It's clear that the EU directive on building energy
          können Leistungskennzahlen (KPI), Ereignisse  the BMS for increased overall building efficiency.  performance requires substantial measures for
          sowie Echtzeit- und historische Parametertrends  Besides  many other  automation  protocols,  decarbonising buildings by 2050. Optimization
          aus der Ferne überwacht werden. Natürlich kön-  they natively support the most common build-  of HVAC energy demand by using variable speed
          nen  Nutzer  auch  auf  einfache  Weise  Berichte  ing automation protocol BACnet. And it’s hard  control brings us a big step closer to meeting
          über Energieeinsparungen und -effizienz der  to overestimate its benefits, including effortless  this directive. And it’s clearly worth highlight-
          HLK-Prozesse erhalten.            interoperability between different systems and  ing that – no matter whether implemented via
                                            devices in building automation and control.   BACnet or new wireless means – integration
          Die EU-Richtlinie über die Energieeffizienz von                      of HVAC drives into the BMS is vital for build-
          Gebäuden erfordert Maßnahmen wie die Dekar-  Through a drive’s BACnet module it’s possible to  ing operation transparency and overall energy
          bonisierung der Gebäudebestände  bis 2050.  remotely control the drive, check its status, pro-  efficiency improvement.
          Die Optimierung des Energiebedarfs von HLK-  cess values, and much more. Thus, energy con-
          Anlagen durch Drehzahlregelung bringt uns die-  sumption by drive-controlled HVAC applications
          sem Ziel einen großen Schritt näher. Die einfa-
          che Integration der Antriebe für HLK-Anlagen in
          das GMS – z. B. über BACnet – ist deshalb für
          den transparenten Gebäudebetrieb und zur Ver-  Die Integration von Frequenzumrichtern in ein Gebäudeleitsystem wird durch BACnet erleichtert.
                                            Drive integration into a BMS is easier with BACnet support built-in.
          besserung der Effizienz von großer Bedeutung.

          The EU Building Energy Performance Directive
          sets new norms that are hard to meet without
          making buildings smart. Smart buildings require
          smart  engineering  systems  able  to  adjust to
          buildings’ needs. HVAC accounts for about 40%
          of the total energy use in most buildings. Making
          HVAC systems more efficient can bring substan-
          tial improvements in the overall building’s energy

          The smart building concept implies a set of
          communication technologies enabling objects
          within a building to communicate and interact
          with each other and be managed, controlled and
          automated remotely. A study by the American                                                     © ABB
          Council finds cost savings of 24 – 32% when
          using smart HVAC and smart lighting. So, it
          does make sense to consider the “smartness” of
          components for successful smart HVAC system
                                                              Maria Fedorovicheva
          A good way to boost HVAC efficiency is to apply     Global Product Marketing Manager | ABB Drives
          variable speed control – drives help reduce |
          energy use in fans, pumps and compressors

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