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          USEDA is combining its long-standing expertise
          with new technologies to make everyday life
          easier for municipalities, by providing them
          with simple, cost-effective management tools
          in a complex energy context. The result is
          USEDAROC, a web-based platform for remote
          management of public lighting.

          The use of street lighting varies according to
          time and need. Furthermore, it‘s sometimes
          necessary for them to be on all night, especially
          during events. “Taking advantage of this service
          with today‘s connected solutions facilitates
          programmed management from a computer,
          tablet or my smartphone. I can program my
          town’s street lighting on specific dates, but
          also at any time and from anywhere in case of                                             © Distech Controls
          exceptional needs,” assures Jean-Paul Coffinet
          – Mayor of Beaurieux (Aisne).     ECLYPSE-APEX-Steuergerät.
                                            ECLYPSE APEX controller.
          BACnet/IP ECLYPSE™ controller: a
          well-considered choice

          In consultation with integrator Dumortier, USEDA
          chose the Distech Controls solution to meet
          its specifications. This choice was motivated
          by Distech Controls‘ multi-protocol hardware
          (BACnet, Modbus, API...), which allows great
          flexibility. Developed to be future-proof and
          scalable, the Distech Controls solution is renowned
          for  its  openness. As  part  of  the  USEDAROC
          project, ECLYPSE controllers communicate
          directly with the energy meter, saving time and
          ensuring reliability.

          In addition to control, the USEDAROC platform
          offers visibility over energy consumption, notably
          through an energy savings simulator, an EcoWatt
          alert and an interactive map. In terms of security,                                       © Distech Controls
          users can declare an incident directly from the   ECLYPSE APEX im Schaltschrank.
          USEDAROC application, and set up  emergency   ECLYPSE APEX in the electrical panel.

          The main  module developed  for this  project
          supports the remote management of public
          lighting. Other modules linked to energy
          consumption are currently being deployed, such
          as heating, water level monitoring, dumpster
          monitoring, remote surveillance and billing

          The integrator is equally satisfied: “As a very small
          company, we‘re delighted with Distech Controls‘
          support for this project, including its technical
          side, sales support and logistics. There were no
          supply delays. This was a large-scale project for
          a company with 10 employees, which had to be        Sarah-Jane Demolliere
          deployed across a fleet of 3,500 controllers,” says   Marketing Solutions ManagerDistech Controls
          David Duhant, Dumortier‘s managing director. 

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