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Anwendungen  Solutions

           © Delta Controls Germany                                                              © Delta Controls Germany
          Intelligente Raumautomation von Delta Controls.     O3-Hub vereint sieben Sensoren und sorgt bedarfsgerecht für optimale Raumbedingungen.
          Intelligent room automation from Delta Controls.    O3 hub combines seven sensors and ensures optimal room conditions as needed.

          The project was developed with the goal of
          creating a state-of-the-art technology business
          hub where well-being is the driver of business
          motivation and productivity.

          A comfortable use for about 3,000 people
          “The biggest challenge was to allow ten-                                              Raumbedienung von
          ants to design and build out their own                                                Delta Controls.
                                                                                                User-friendly room
          rental space. It was a requirement that the   © Delta Controls Germany                operation by Delta Controls.
          tenants’ room automation had to be com-
          patible with the building envelope and the
          technology of the common areas. The tech-                            building automation system decides on the best
          nical solution for building automation was   The  entire  building  envelope  is  glazed  and  possible configuration for chillers and heat pumps
          therefore developed on the basis of the   equipped with motorized blinds including EnOcean  based on demand.
          BACnet standard,” explains Pedro Prazeres,   modules. These can be optimally integrated and
          project manager at Delta Controls system   made accessible in BACnet/IP via the O3 hubs with  Use of rainwater and electricity generation with
          partner Geoterme. At the heart of the sys-  integrated EnOcean gateway distributed throughout  photovoltaics as  a contribution to  sustainability
          tem is Delta Controls’ enteliWEB central   the office space.         Centrally collected rainwater is distributed
          building management software. Each floor                             separately and used for toilet flushing.
          has a touch screen for operating the light-  The most important  lighting  circuits are  A photovoltaic system, used to generate electricity,
          ing and visualizing the current CO  concen-  implemented in DALI lines and integrated into the  is connected to the building automation system
          tration as well as the consumption of water,   building automation.  A daylight control system  for monitoring and evaluation.
          recycled water and electrical energy.   based on the measurements of the O3 hubs
                                            ensures optimal lighting of the work areas with the  In the final stage, the building automation system
          The use of  BACnet proved its worth in the   greatest possible use of natural sunlight.   comprises approx. 800 BACnet devices from Delta
          project, as it was possible to combine the                           Controls and other manufacturers. The number of
          hardware of several manufacturers in an uniform   Major HVAC systems include the main ventilation  data points is approx. 18,000.
          and powerful building automation solution.  system and chilled and hot water generation by two
                                            chiller/heat pump groups. Several pump groups  The goal of creating a place that combines physical
          Intelligent room automation from Delta   provide the distribution of cooling and heating. The  and emotional well-being with practical solutions for
          Controls                                                             sustainability and digitalization has been exceeded.
          On some floors, Delta Controls’ intelligent room
          automation with the O3 hub is used to control
          the air conditioning of offices and open-plan
          spaces. Room occupant interaction with building     Antonio de Pina
          automation is possible in certain rooms via the     Geschäftsführer VertriebDelta Controls Germany GmbH
          O3 app using a smartphone.                

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