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          Technik passend zur Organisation und zu Prozessen.
          Technology that matches the organization and processes.

          gesamten Umfang der sicheren Gebäudedigitalisierung,   tion to cyber security in the building by all parties involved.   BACnet as part of the solution
          welche eine angepasste Konzeptions- und Planungsweise   The core component of cyber security for the operating
          von allen Beteiligten erfordert, um die neuen Herausforde-  technology of a building (OT security for short) is the record-  Encrypted communication is a core component of a net-
          rungen gemeinsam erfolgreich meistern zu können.      ing of goods/processes worthy of protection, assessment,   worked building and should be considered in any require-
                                            and reduction of the risk through appropriate protective   ments planning. BACnet/SC provides the “key” to secure
                                            measures. Risk management encompasses all information   information exchange in the building. Furthermore, BACnet
          Building digitization can be described with many synonyms,   recorded in the building and the associated system inter-  offers a standardized approach for interface and informa-
          whether it's smart building in functional buildings or smart   faces.  tion management in the building, as this allows the flood
          home in your own four walls. The basic idea is always the            of protocols to be “tamed” with a uniform standard. In this
          same: the complete networking of building technology to   The planner: intermediary between demand and   context, users, planners and operators must be familiar with
          generate added value in terms of safety, comfort and effi-  operation  the capabilities and system requirements of BACnet to fully
          ciency in building operation with the help of information and        utilize its potential. However, this applies not only to BACnet,
          clever algorithms. The basis for this is a resilient IP-based   The task of converting and implementing the requirements   but to the entire scope of secure building digitization, which
          network infrastructure that can map both current and future   of a user into an operational building is the responsibility of   requires an adapted concept and planning approach from
          requirements.                     the planner. A differentiated view between technology and   all parties involved in order to successfully master the new
                                            organization and processes is essential here. Fundamen-  challenges together.   
          Building digitalization as a “driver of networks”  tally, technology has no added value for operations without
                                            the associated structures and processes. What use is highly
          The sheer volume of information that will have to be pro-  digitized monitoring if the company cannot interpret the   © M&P GmbH
          cessed in various systems in the future can only be guessed   information provided? Planning can only provide the tech-
          about. Whether multi-sensors or communicative pumps and   nology. Organization and processes must be structured as
          control valves, these components already provide a large   correctly as possible first. The difficulty in the field of digi-
          amount of data that can be recorded and evaluated. Even   tization lies in mapping all the new challenges. One com-
          more data can be expected from the “Internet of Things”,   ponent of this is expanding the expertise of a BA planner in
          which enables many devices with smart, networked func-  terms of network planning and describing the requirements
          tions.                            for a secure BA network to meet the demands of tomorrow.
                                            Cybersecurity expertise is also required. Strongly driven by
          New challenges due to comprehensive interconnection  new EU regulations, which will greatly expand the circle of
                                            critical infrastructures from October 2024. This increases
          One challenge is handling the flood of information provided   the likelihood that planners will have to deal intensively with
          by the building. The fundamental question is, what informa-  the technical protection measures of BA networks in the
          tion do I need to be able to carry out my operating processes   future. To make matters worse, decisive factors for plan-
          comfortably, safely and efficiently? It is also important to ask   ning were usually not considered as part of requirements
          who should process the recorded building data, when and   planning. The mantra of “thinking from the operational per-
          how. This requires consideration of the intelligent manage-  spective” has not yet become established in some cases.
          ment of building data at an early stage. Another challenge is   Regarding cyber security, the gaps are sometimes even
          the connection of the devices and systems themselves. The   more serious, as a fundamental need for implementation is
          number of protocols and interfaces in the building is mani-  not seen. Statements such as “Security only costs money
          fold. Starting with proprietary bus systems, through stand-  and doesn‘t bring me any added value” are unfortunately   Management im Umfeld der Gebäudedigitalisierung.
          ardized building protocols to universal IoT protocols. Com-  the order of the day.  Management in the field of building digitization.
          prehensive knowledge and management of system-internal
          and external interfaces, as well as information management,
          are key components of successful building digitization.

          As great as the opportunities offered by connectivity are,
          they also pose major risks. Creating connections between
          systems creates the potential for attacks on the building's   Nicolas Braun
          various systems. This can result in sabotage or manipula-
          tion of the cooling technology or unauthorized access via the   Experte OT-Security GebäudeautomationM&P Braunschweig GmbH
          access control system. This requires a high level of atten-

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