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Anwendungen  Solutions

           © LG Electronics                                    © LG Electronics

          Technischer Bereich: Wasserleitungssysteme.         LG-Wandklimageräte im Innenraumbüro.
          Technical area: water piping system.                LG Wall mounted air conditioners units: indoor offices.

          installiert ist, ist eine vollständige Integration  BACnet: most widely used communication   The building provides comfort to the building
          jedes Teilsystems in die Gebäudeleittechnik  protocol in building automation  occupant based on the latest VRF technologies
          erforderlich. Dadurch werden der Betrieb und                         and numerous other building services that were
          die Wartung erleichtert. Dazu gehören unter  All this technical equipment must be 100 %  dedicated to make the building comfortable,
          anderem die folgenden Systeme: Beleuchtung,  integrated despite of manufacturer. For  functional and efficient.
          Feueralarm,  Sicherheit,  Bewegungsmelder,  instance: water pumps, valves, drives, chillers,
          CCTV, Zugangskontrolle, Energiemessung/Smart  thermostat, PLC or HVAC integration must be  Conclusion
          Meter, Aufzüge, HLK-Systeme, Informations- und  inter-connected for full operation of the building.
          Kommunikationstechnologie (IKT). Als eines der am  In addition,  BACnet, as one of the main  In conclusion, LG’s water-to-air VRF systems are
          weitesten verbreiteten Kommunikationsprotokolle  communication protocols used in building  suitable to use in skyscrapers to provide energy
          für  die  Gebäudeautomation  wird  BACnet  automation and control networks, is commonly  efficient solutions for heating and cooling with
          zweifellos weiterhin eine wichtige Rolle bei der  used in skyscrapers. It works well in combination  individual zone controls for the benefit of the
          Integration verschiedener Gebäudedienste in das  with  BACnet  MS/TP  serial  lines  from  field  building occupants.
          Gebäudemanagementsystem BMS spielen.    installation,  BACnet/IP, and highly integrated
                                            gateways to connect to the communication  Considering the many building services
                                            network  of  the  Building  Management  System  installed in large construction project such as
          One of the obvious features of this type of build-  (BMS).           skyscrapers, a full integration of every subsystem
          ing  is  the  very  small  horizontal  dimension  in                 into the building’s BMS is often required for the
          comparison with the building height. As a con-  Q22 skyscraper in Poland  sake of easy operation and maintenance. This
          sequence, access to the outdoors spaces is very                      includes but not limited to the following systems:
          limited and plant rooms often have to be located  Q22 is one of the most widely recognized  lighting, fire alarms, security, motion detectors,
          inside the building.              skyscrapers  in  the  city  of  Warsaw  in  Poland.  CCTV, control access, energy measurement/
                                            Located in the financial business centre of the  smart meters, lifts, HVAC systems, Information
          Water-to-Air VRF Solutions        city, this skyscraper building is used as office  and communications technology (ICT). As one of
                                            space, including part of building being rent out  the most widely used communication protocols
          In comparison with air-to-air systems where the  to other business as offices.  for building automation, there is no doubt,
          outdoor units have to be installed outside, water-                   BACnet will continue to play an important role in
          to-air VRF systems use water as condensing                           integration of various building services into the
          fluid and the outdoor unit can be installed                          Building management system BMS.    
          indoors. This characteristic can make it suitable
          to use in skyscrapers as far as a primary water
          loop is available to use.
                                                              José María Redondo
          This solution has the same advantages and
          benefits as the air to air VRF system. It can be    BMS, Central Controller & Gateways Product Manager
                                                              LG Electronics European BusinessMember of BACnet Interest Group Europe
          used for not only space heating and/or cooling,     Spanish Representative of BACnet Interest Group Europe
          but also generating domestic hot water (DHW)
          via hydro kits.

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