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the ART of Building

          Sustainability                                                             HVAC

                                                                                   t h e   A R T   o f
                                                                                 BUILDIN G  S USTAIN A BILITY

                                                                        Lighting                 Security

                                Ensure a strong level of
                 CERTIFIED      interoperability by using open
                 OPEN           protocols which have third-party
                                listing laboratories to verify adherence
                 STANDARDS      to your protocol’s form and function.

                                Employ a single sign on (SSO)    Select lifecycle-centric manufactur-
                                architecture with compliance to      ers who minimize the negative
                 SECURE         scalable credentialing architectures   impacts of waste with long-term   MIMIMAL
                 DATA           and secure tunneling methodologies   warranty and repair services while   WASTE
                                such as BACnet virtual private   adhering to WEEE, RoHS and LEED
                                networks (B/VPN).                                 directives.

                                Specify integrated FDD (IFDD) that   Enjoy the long-term benefits of
                                delivers real-time fault detection,   suppliers who engineer a path
                 INTEGRATED     step-by-step root-cause diagnostics   forward to new technologies while   BACKWARD
                 FAULT DETECTION  while using all your existing cabling   remaining backwards compatible   COMPATIBLE
                                                                   without third-party gateways or
                                structures, including twisted-pair
                 & DIAGNOSTICS  networks.                                hardware replacement.

                                Insist on timely analytics for all   Stay on top of regular advances in
                                stakeholders with complete control   technology with supplier-certified,
                OWNERSHIP       of formatting and scheduling while   multi-lingual online educational
                OF ANALYTICS    retaining full ownership of your data   videos, technical documentation,   OPERATOR
                                and the reports generated.         software updates, and advanced   TRAINING
                                                                   face-to-face classroom courses.

                                Create better-connected spaces     Choose from a global network of
                                                                  factory-certified service partners
                 SINGLE-APP     with real-time access to occupancy,   who are passionate about long term,   FACTORY-
                                lighting, ventilation, and thermal
                 EXPERIENCE     comfort levels, using a holistic single   consistent, local support for you and   CERTIFIED
                                app on the occupant’s mobile device.           your buildings.      SERVICE

           Sustainability requires a high level of integration between HVAC, lighting, and security
           systems. The art of building sustainability skillfully combines this integration with other
           technological and supporting elements that must endure over the long term. When these
           additional  elements  are  maintained  over  the  life  of  your  building,  true  building
           sustainability emerges. To learn more about the ART of Building Sustainability please visit
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