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Vorwort  Editorial

          At this point, and this is to be understood as “advertising on our own  Before we look forward to the 25  anniversary of the  BACnet Interest
          behalf”, we would like to draw your special attention to following the  Group Europe e. V. in 2023, I hope you enjoy reading the technical articles
          BACnet Interest Group on our social media channels as well. This way you  in the 37  issue of the Journal.
          will receive all supplementary information and will always be “up to date”.
                                                              Best regards,
          Staying open and curious is not only important in the area of social media,
          but also in our very technological environment. The progress described in  Tobias Plath
          the introduction is expressed in building automation, for example, through  Head of Working Group Marketing & Member of the Advisory Board
          a constantly increasing demand for building data. The use and process-  Sales Manager D/CH Global Controls Products,
          ing of this data is more relevant today than ever before. The value of the  Johnson Controls Systems & Service GmbH
          building data from which derivations can be made or strategies developed
          for the operation of the buildings is high – reason enough to protect them
          accordingly. Within the framework of the BACnet protocol, data protec-
          tion is taken into account through the further development of BACnet/SC.
          BACnet/SC is able to further pursue and expand the valued standardisation
          of the protocol as well as implement the most modern security require-
          ments in the area of communication protocols for data transmission.

          From the point of view of Johnson Controls, a company that was involved in
          the founding of the BACnet Interest Group Europe e. V., it is a great pleasure
          to participate in the continuous development of the standard, to see and
          experience the benefits generated for users and operators.

          This year, there will still be ample opportunity for personal exchange on
          this and other topics for all interested parties (more on this on the following
          pages and via our social media channels).

        Cable spaghetti

        was yesterday!

       BACnet and AS-Interface: Smart wiring and installation in buildings - simple, flexible, future-proof and cost-efficient.

                                                                                                      230 V
                                                                                                           230 V

                                                                             24 V DC
                                         24 V DC
       Integrate a variety of different sensors and actuators via one single 2-conductor cable into your BACnet network.

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